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We have the newest equipment in Poland, unique also                             on a global scale!!!

Lokomat Pro is the first of that type in Poland and the ninth worldwide

Our Armeo Spring Pediatric is the first one in Poland and the sixteenth in the world

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Welcome to   (DREAMS) REHABILITATION CENTER FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH. We offer comprehensive therapy for children and youth with general developmental disabilities of motor function. We specialize in rehabilitation for children with Cerebral Palsy (CP). We help our patients and their parents to fulfill their DREAMS by providing widely recognized therapy methods and modern technology.

Many years of experience in physiotherapy field, both in Poland and overseas prompted the idea to look at the issue of children with disabilities and their families in wider perspective. Coincidently our path crossed with other people with open hearts and minds thanks to whom together we could fulfill our DREAMS. We created a friendly center where child receives professional, reliable and comprehensive therapy and the parent/carer is not left alone. Whole families are very welcome to visit us.

We are located in small village of Niedrzwica near Goldap city in Poland. Our surroundings offer wonderful nature experience and microclimate. Spring season gives an opportunity to admire the awakening nature, summer is a great time to relax on the beach or to pick blueberries, autumn is a mushroom picking season and in winter the Beautiful Mountain is a fantastic place for skiing (ski lift available). You can combine your child's therapy with great and enjoyable family holidays.